I Am- A Writing Prompt

This is part 2 – part 1 was written last year in response to Owlhaven’s challenge!

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I am the baby born inthe north of Spain to older parents who had dreamed of a family of 4, but were pleased to have 2 blue eyes blond girls to fill their days with!

             Who liked to wear fancy pants on her head and learned to walk at 6 months.

I am the child who played hide and seek and house and school (during the summer)
Who loved “sa” and ducky and plastic spoons
Who stored a pink patchwork elephant in my treasure box
Who dreamed of being a nurse, teacher, and a mom and never thought she would leave home.

I am the teenager who was awkward, never in fashion and marched in the band

Who wore skin tight palmetto jeans and socks to match her sweater and loved Depeche Mode and hated the perfect cheerleaders
Who dated a freshman (as a senior)and then dumped him for the school loser
Who dreamed of finding a boy to love her for all her quirks and knew she would leave this awful little town.

I am the woman who left the warmth of home shortly after college to live on her own and prove that she could.
Who loves using my hands to be creative and living every day to the fullest and staying happy.

I am the woman who loves to laugh and goes crazy if I have to deal with the stupid people.
and whose moments of perfect bliss come when I snuggle with my hubby
I am the software engineer who loves being a potter and avoids driving in the snow even though she grew up back east and who wants to meet that new and dear friend that will make her life complete

I am the woman who tells it like it is and makes people laugh and is actually a shy person
I am the person who gets deeply hurt when someone lets me down and then usually buries the pain
I am the woman who still loves her teddy bear and her daddy, but never forgot all the boys that broke her heart
Who still longs to learn to forgive with ease, be a better person and know my limitations
I am the person who dreams of finding where I need to be and what I should be doing and is grateful for the love of a wonderful man who puts up with my insanity, funks, and silliness
and who hopes to find that place where I need to be doing what I should be doing and that will bring me great joy and joy to those around me!

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