Happy Valentines Day!

As my friend said this morning – Happy Love Day!

How can you just love us with such fabulous outfits?  And the hair! Bet you are jealous of that!

Monday night we went to Mardi Gras! It was a dinner, dancing, costume event put on but a bunch of ladies that have transplanted from New Orleans to Suberbia of Highlands Ranch!

We had a really good time!  Hubby even asked me to dance with him!  What a sport!

Food was yummy!  We had a whole table – 6 of our friends!  I won a raffle too! Can you beleive it?  I won a lotion, massage oil, candle set! Good thing I had a couple beers under my belt before I had to go up there in my get-up and pick up my prize!

My friend Judy (she was Jackie O) and I could have tripped the light fantastic till 1am, but the boys were tired!  Ahhh…


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