Coffee and Love

Did you know that Starbucks not only owns the market on coffee, but they have branched out to grab the  reigns from mother nature.  They now control the seasons. A number of years ago I fell in love with a drink called Toffe Nut Latte. It was short lived affair. They took it off the menu, claiming that the season was over. I was agahst, what season would toffee nut be? Was there a special celebration? Is there something on the calendar that I missed?  So I wrote an email a day to Starbucks asking for the return on my precious drink. Eventually they brought it back. Oh glory day!  But they made it a bit less special. They removed the sprinkles. The glorious sprinkles. But at least it was back! It was my drink. I even taught my husband how to order it for me.Grande Non-Fat Toffee Nut Latter – No Whip.  Yes that is a lot of words, but it’s my words and my drink.

Recently I have been attempting to cut excess calories and have switched to Sugar Free Vanilla except for special occasions. Grande Non-Fat Sugar Free Vanilla Latte.

A couple weeks ago I had a cashier offer up a new sugar free flavor. Sugar Free Carmel Dulche. If  I didn’t like it I could get my original order for free! Low and Behold – it was delicious! That became my new precious! My hubby was just starting to learn it, and then it happened. Sugar Free Carmel Dulche Latte season was declared over. WHAT? What a cruel twist of fate!

4 thoughts on “Coffee and Love

  1. You need to get an espresso machine and steamer/frother for home use. Then you can make whatever your heart desires. Unless I’m having a bad day, I can make a better latte or cappuccino than Starbuck’s. And you can experiment with all kinds of flavors!

  2. I do have one of those at home – a Gaggia – but starbucks is my/our treat! But it’s the syrup – and the don’t sell the duche cinnamon, and they don’t make sugar free Toffee null – i know, i know, my life is really hard!

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