Thursday 13

13 Random Things and Thoughts

1.I read a money magazine about 3 ways to protect your name. I did them, maybe you should too – Get your free credit report from each of the major bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – from – get a different one 3 times a year, so you are more informed. We are doing, Feb 1 (well did is yesterday, but on the calendar for next year), May 1, and September 1 for them. It is also suggested you pay for your credit score.
2.Another item said to get your insurance history – auto and home. Again you can order a free copy (CLUE report – it’s the button on the left that is free) once a year from here – It was a little complicated of a website for confirming identity – since I recently got married, changed states, changed jobs, and changed addresses, I had to do it via mail. If you can get yourself verified there is also a need thing about public personal info – anyone tried it, let me know how it is!
3.Last item from the article was to check your job profile. Hubby had a ton of references, but he’s also been published, chats on user groups etc. I had one hit. But apparently companies are starting to check here – Try it!
4.Since I’m telling you what to do – how bout LinkedIn? Have you been on it? Great place to stay in contact with old co-workers, current ones, and keep you on the top of their mind for that new position waiting for you.
5.Last recipe we did was Red curried Tofu – yummies! Hubbie cooked it before but without the tomatoes – so no sauce. I did it this time with the tomatoes and it was yummy! Had a nice kick. We will try it again with tomatoes sauce or maybe tomato paste and some veg broth.

6.Last night we ate at Bara – YUMMY! It is right next to Cool River, but we just never ate there till our friends said they liked to go there. So many good choices! Centenial Roll and Moonlight Roll were a couple of our favorites. I wanted to try the monkey brain appetizer… maybe next time!
7.We are going skiing at Breckenridge with friends this weekend. Can’t wait! It’s my sewing buddy, and she also make jammie pants for her hubby. So it will be a jammy pant time! Yeah!
8.I got a bunch of Lazy Bear Pottery Logo wear. I’ll take some pictures and show you soon! Anyone want to buy a T-shirt?
9.I got 3 boxes of new glazes for Lazy Bear Pottery! Now I need to find time to make them all, filter out all the bad stuff, stir, stir stir… Then make more pots, fire said made pots, then glaze them in the new glazes to see what they will look like! I also have about 15 test tiles. Just waiting to be used for their new colors! They have snowmen on them. It’s a cookie mold that my mom gave me years ago that I used to make my test tiles. It reminds me of my mom and my niece. She loves snowmen.
10.I am having a wine tasting at my house at the end of February. I’m excited! We are going to pair wine and food and learn stuff! I also have a partially empty wine fridge in need of some new stock!
11.I am going to a Mardi Gras party in mid February. It should be a blast. If you live in the Denver area and are interested let me know. It is being put on by a couple ladies from Louisiana, they main gal has been putting on these things down in Louisiana for 16 years and now she is putting one on here! They are flying in a chef from Baton Rouge and I’m so excited I’m drooling on my keyboard! As you all know I love food!
12.Tomorrow is a gala for the chamber. I’ve got my dress, my bling shoes, my hair dresser appointment and my hubby! I’m excited to get gussied up!
13.I got a new helmet for skiing!  (I really am sexy!)

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