The eye brow wax event!

I vividly recall the first time I had my eye brows waxed. I was young, maybe 12.

I had the joy of inheriting my dad’s bushy eyebrows and the uni-brow. I had no idea what a uni-brow was or that I had one or that it was a bad thing.


One night after dinner my mom and sister look at me and say – let’s go.

I say where to?

They say – just get in the car.

I’m thinking maybe ice-cream, shopping, something fun…


Oh no.


We arrive at the hair dresser, much to my chagrin since I had spent many an hour in the waiting room waiting for mom to get her hair done.


Then I realize I am the center of attention for this visit, I am confused.

The nice lady took me into the back room and starts to explain what is going on. But of course she assumed I know why I am here. So most of what she is talking about is not clear.


Then it becomes clear…  Holy guacamole…


Yipe! That stung!


She also said that I needed to tweeze and eventually once I had removed enough of the eyebrows with the follicle that there would be much less to tweeze. That I think was a load of hooey! And of course a lot of work…


So to this day I still recall the evil way my mom and sister arranged to begin my grooming regimen.


3 thoughts on “The eye brow wax event!

  1. Hmmmm and Hmmm!
    Must have beem a special activity coming up!
    You had the most beautiful eyes when we finished!
    And opened up your pretty face as well….perfection:-)

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