We spent Sunday and Monday at Breckenridge! Our friends planned the trip and had their and hubby’s lessons at Beaver Run. We got up there Sunday morning long before the lifts were even open. That gave us time to wander around, put lunch in the lockers and borrow a set of poles since the hubby forgot to put mine in the car. The rental place said they were happy to just let me borrow them and just asked that I return them when I was done! That was a really neat perk! Yeah!

My 2 friends were in beginner – never seen a ski – class. Hubby was in level 3.
Everyone had a blast! I headed down early from cruising around peak 10 – I love the blue blacks! I got us a table right next to the bar – yummy bloody mary’s! Slurp!

Everyone eventually trickled down to the table to tell how their days were going!
The beginners were having fun and looking forward to taking the lift after lunch, hubby was getting better at turning! Yeah!

I was getting tired so after lunch I only got 2-3 more runs in! Let me tell you, having grown up back east where apparently the mountains are shorter, I could ski more back there! Out here the runs seems to go forever! My thighs are screaming by the time I hit the bottom! So I was back at the bar by 2pm for more bloody mary’s and some sun!

The classes thinned out after lunch, hubby ended up just him, and the other 2 were only with 1 other person. So everyone had personalized lessons after lunch! Yeah for them!

That night we stayed at Tiger Run! Our friends were able to rent a “chalet” from a co-worker. It was cute. Basically a glorified single wide with a mini loft for the 2nd couple – that would be us! But it was cute, had a TV in every room, it was warm, and it was nice to be able to spread out, relax and recuperate!

We ate dinner at Fatty’s. The others got a meat lovers pizza, and I went for the sausage and meatball sub. We started with Potatoe Skins – those were super yummy! I’d suggest going for just the meatball sub and maybe some extra marinara sauce!

Day 2 – we all hit the slopes! No lessons today, everyone wanted to try out their new found skills! I did part of the first run with them. Besides not being willing to huff it to the bottom of peak 9 to catch the lift with them (yes I am a snob), my feet were beginning to numb from the placement of my toe heater pad in my boot. Sigh! And of course as I was removing my book to get the circulation back into my foot I ripped off my pinkie fingernail – can you say bloody hell? ? After that I cruised more of Peak 10 and some of 9. I stopped at 10 mile station for some hot coaco and waited for the rest to stop by. We ate lunch there – I was less than thrilled with the choices, I should have gone for the chocolate crepe, but they enjoyed it, and I think it’s a better choice than going to the bottom! After lunch they did 2 more runs and I spent the rest of my time on Americana – the right side of 9! That was great! I was getting in some great turns and feeing more confident! I think next time I’ll take that lesson I’ve been talking about and get some hints on my turns!

We were off the slopes by 2, we stopped to check out the snow sculptures – very cool.

(images comming, blog acting funny)

We hot tubbed and then off to dinner at MiCasa.(link is not firefox friendly).  Another yummy place! Our server was a Kevin Bacon look alike. We was young enough to not who this fella was and has had to look him up when other before us had mentioned that he looked like him – gosh little fella could you make the people determining your tip feel more old? Margaritas were tastey, salsa was yummy, chips were always being refilled.

This morning we woke up to a dusting of snow! We packed up and headed back to the real world! It was a great break!

See you on the slopes next weekend! Who cares about the super bowl anyway! ;)