Shopping with Lori

Yesterday was the day. My image consultant spent the day before finding clothes for me. I arrived at Nordies at 10am to a dressing room full of clothes just for me! Yeah me! I’m a pretty good sport, I’ll try on anything. She was afraind I would say no – I’ll make a face but I’ll put it on. You might not get me out of the dressing room, but on it will go! So she had some crazy stuff, but hey you never know, and one of those was a super duper winner and it make me suddenly have bubbies – so how can you go wrong!


So she updated my “capsule”. Meaning I got some basics that I  will be able to expand on. I got navy pants – Ann Klein – price almost killed me. I got a super cute black skirt with little slits at the bottom to make it move. I got an additional pair of black pants. Apparently my finds at Ross, TJMaxx clearance rack, and Ross were just not up to her standards of quality!  ;)

Then I got a couple nice quality work shirts (again price killed me), some camies (on sale – thank god), a super cute sexy top for a night out with the hubby, and 2 really nice suade jackets – on tan, one burgundy.


The total was more than a car payment…  But I used my discover card and hope to use the money back for some more clothes!


Here is my booty:

3 thoughts on “Shopping with Lori

  1. Wow! Looks ike you found some great clothes!
    What a change from the last trip!! I do like what I see!
    Shirts always cost so much!! Watch Landsend, Beans
    and Coldwater for those shirts on that you
    know whaty ou are looking for. They have really good
    shirt sales about
    this time of year :-)
    Love you,

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