Saturday in the City

Today started with me on a cleaning binge. Good thing for hubby  that I had to be at Pilates for 10am. Whew! (But our coat closet no longer has cleaning products mingled with clothing, and under the kitchen sink now had the bottles and canisters all appropriately lined up!)


I planned my recipes for the week – check out what is coming…  Tonight was Chicken Cordon Bleu (and it wasn’t dry!). Added in some fried rice with the left over jasmine rice from earlier this week… Desert was our favorite – Apple Fruit Crisp – yummy and not too bad for you! Tomorrow is Coconut Curried Chicken. Monday is Ham Puffy. Tuesday is Ravioli Lasagna. Wednesday is Red Curried Tofu.  Thursday is sewing class so hubby gets a break and we go to Illegal Petes. And Friday is an outing with some friends for sushi. You getting hungry?


We headed to the Museum of Nature and Science this afternoon. Figured we could explore our great state on more than a summer weekend! We have had annual passes since last march and this was the first time we had gone back,  since we got them. It was an interesting museum – probably only need to go once, but the pass is good for getting some serious discounts on the planetarium as well as the IMAX.  Think we’ll renew just for that feature! And to support the museum (of course). Next month the new lineup for IMAX looks really good!


Tonight we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Super funny! Pretty good fight scenes! Much better than anticipated! 

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