New Crab Recipe and Books

Sunday night I cooked up something new for hubby

Deviled Crab Boules

He really liked them..  I’m pretty sure I could live my whole life without having them again. But if you give it a try, pick a different wine – we went with what was in the house – Dry Reisling…  Made it a little too sweet.  Try a pinot or a chardonay.

As you know, I joined a book club a few months back. This has given me exposure to a bunch of books I would never have read. Some I wish I hadn’t, some I really enjoyed!

Wanted to share my thoughts on some that I have Finished:

Flag of Our Fathers – James Bradley and Ron Powers – I loved this book! I need to get it to my dad so he can read it! I think he’ll like it alot. I enjoyed the story! it brough some interesting thoughts to me on how we view war now a days. Back then they could loose thousands of prescious young men in a couple hours and a couple days later it might make the news paper, today we lose 1 man and everyone knows about it instantly…  Something to ponder.

The Tender Bar – J.R. Moehringer – This was an interesting book Being from the east coast I was intriqued to see my peeps. I laughed at stuff that was typical but other people in my book club found strange!  We are a little different over on the right coast! It’s a good read!

The Painted Drum – Louise Erdrich – I just finished this one for book club last night! I really enjoyed it! It enthralled me, it kept my interest, it left me wanting more. Some of the story line got confusing, and other in the club agreed.

The Big Over Easy – Jasper Fforde – I did not renjoy this book. I laughed at the quips and double entendras surrounding the nursery rhyme stories. I don’t enjoy stories where the protagonist gets picked on too much. And this guy was the low man, the one everyone picked on..  Happy ending over all, but …  I did not enjoy it.

A Short History of Tractors in UkrainianMarina Lewycka – I really didn’t like this book. The intermitent history of the tractor was super duper boring. I really didn’t like one of the characters, felt bad for the dad, and felt pity for the daughter…  Left me wanting more of the history of the family instead of the Tractors.

In the middle of:

SnowOrhan Pamuk – slow going. I picked it because a woman in the book club that I normally agree with really like it. I’ll finish it, but I had to read the Painted Drum for last night, so it had to wait…  I’ll make a final decision when  I am done!

About to Start:

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