Made it to the mountains!

Hubby and I headed to Breckenridge Mountainthis weekend. We had invited another couple to join us, but the male in thisgroup is a little bizarre and can’t make a decision. So instead of being a cozy4 people heading to the mountains we became 2 cars, leaving from 2 differentlocations, parking in 2 different places, attempting to ski.




Anyhoo – hubby and I arose at 5am!  Earlier than a normal workout day.

We showered, bundled, packed lunch, and the car and were ready to head out by the 5:45 time pre-arranged with the other couple (she of the couple and I both knew they would not leave at that time…)

We departed for the mountain. Me tickled pink to be using our really expensive pass, hubby a little apprehensive but wanting to let me get skiing!

Pretty much every other time I brought up the idea of skiing he’d say ok, if you want to. Well…  I didn’t want to drag the poor guy out there…  And I’m now terrified of there being snow on the ground. I can’t give you a good reason for it.  Maybe it’s my rear wheel beemer. Heavy, and it can’t start or stop without some serious spinning on ice…

So if there was the threat of a storm, I was happy to stay home, safe and sound!

So we were headed to the mountains!


It started to slow right as we hit the main road that heads to the mountains, there were signs says ROAD ICY – ahhh….  I mentioned to hubby that if this was making him uncomfortable (a.k.a – scaring the shite out of him) we could just go back home. We didn’t. He’s braver than I!


We made it up in pretty good time – hit the base by 8am! Yeah!


Then we waited around for our other friends, and hubby’s class didn’t start till 9:45 am…  ugh…


Finally our friends arrived and hubby headed to school. Yes it was pretty much 9:30 by the time everyone was where they needed to be.


We skied. I really enjoyed some of the wide runs. I was enjoying myself. I skied too fast for my friend and too slow for her man. So I took to following her and practicing my turns.Didn’t want her to get left behind. I grew up skiing with my bro-in-law and that meant – keep up!  I didn’t want to be the little kid that held everyone back. My sister didn’t really ski – she stuck to the bunny slopes, so if he lost me, he was dead! So I can ski anything. No matter where I end up, I can get down. Maybe not the fastest or most graceful, but I can get down.


My quads were burning by lunch, my toes were numb up to the arch of my food (I learned to ski back east, so skiing meant frickin cold…  But it had been a while since I felt anywhere near that kind of cold)


We met up with hubby at lunch, had to fight off the crowds that wanted our table. I was accosted by one mom and her daughters – “Well how many people do you have?”

I was thinking – all of them, I got here first, sorry you don’t have a table.  IF you had not been such a jerk maybe I would share some of my chairs with you… So I told her 4. She just rolled her eyes and finally walked away.  Sigh – people really are bizarre.


Hubby was happy and excited and was doing really well! Yeah!!!


Then hubby returned to his class and we headed up the lift…  We looked at the top of the mountain and could no longer see it…  A storm has come up out of no where. I considered taking a break for a while. My friend’s man said, come on now, this is nothing…  So we went to the top.  It was BLOWING at us on the lift. What little skin I had exposed was getting a beating. I could feel the sting. Ugh!


We did that run, my friend’s man called it quits, and they went home!  Bwahahah! Seems I was right. Not that it made me feel any better!


I gave a ring to the hubby to let him know I was bailing. No call back. So I took me a lovely nap in the car. Felt great!  When I woke up it was BLOWING all over, my foot prints were gone…  I called the hubby again and told him that I was in the car and to take his time  – I wanted him to be having such a great time he didn’t want to leave the mountain – and I think he was!  Yeah!


Eventually I was so cold I was forced to turn on the car to get some warmth! My feet still were not fully back. I hate that my extremities do this…  Always have. Hrmph!  Next pair of boots will be heated!  Been saying that for some time now!


Hubby returned to the car close to 3:45. We were headed down the mountain by 4pm.


There is a tunnel out here that goes for a couple miles through the mountain. They have a procedure to keep Haz Mat vehicles from traveling with others. Basically there is a giant stop light on the highway. They turn that on, wait for the tunnel to clear of vehicles, then the Haz Mat vehicle goes through, then once it has cleared the tunnel, the giant stop light turns green. Haz Mat you would thing nuclear waste right? Nope – gas trucks.  Sigh.


So it took us 4 hours to get home. A 70 mile trek. You’d think they would have these kind of trucks travel at 10pm or 2am, or NOT ON A WEEKEND when the entire city of Denver comes the mountains and ½ need to get home at 4pm!


So it was very long drive home, but it was a great day! I still can’t get down the stairs very gracefully… (my calves are killing me) – but I can’t wait for out next trip!