Interesting way to deal with snow.

So I guess last year we were lucky with the snow. I would snow a bit, melt, sunny, repeat.


My neighborhood has yet to have the whole road plowed.  Only 1.5 cars can pass down or up…

There is a HUGE ice speed bump to enter the street – that being because the main roads are perfectly clear of snow.


I hear this is common place.  They have not even cleared the side walks and school started back up today.  How bizarre!   Back east you knew there was no school is the sidewalks were not cleared.  Here I guess they figure they have too many kids anyway, so a few getting side swiped by the passing cars isn’t that big of a deal!


I was informed by a co-worked that the last time we got back to back blizzards Truman was in office. So we were unprepared and don’t have anything to deal with it. Fabulous…


Time to upgrade the beemer I guess…  Sigh.

One thought on “Interesting way to deal with snow.

  1. I’ll trade you one loaded civic for one beemer… LOL!! Actually, I’ll trade you the CRV for the beemer… oh.. never mind.. you can get hondas at a discount, huh? You don’t want my used bazoo.. Oh well… I’ll keep what I’ve got and wish I had a beemer… Alas.. I’ll live vicariously through you…

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