Hungry Bunnies

We had yet another snow blast friday and then again saturday night. I hadn’t thought about it much, but the bunnies are having a tough time. Usually the snow melts in a day and they can eat. Well it has not been melting and they are getting hungry!


They ate the last of the rose bush and attemted to retreive what greenerie existed below the light dusting on the planter!

On other news fronts – I have attempted listing my pottery on a new location – Etsy – check it out. I only have 1 peice up so far, but it’s an interesting site! My "shop" is here.

Final decision on the Coconut Curried Chicken – hubby says he could eat it once a month, me – once a year or never again. Bummer.  It had a good flavor – amazing what kick 1 teaspoon of green curry paste can have!  I might have done the veggies different, i prefer well cooked onions and they weren’t here. Another change might be to chop up the chicken smaller so it could be a 1 utentil rice bowl.  (we don’t have couscous, so rice is what we used.) So the recipie might get another try – probably cause i bought a whole bottle of green curry paste and that aint cheap!

Today I have the day off. I can’t remeber the last time I had MLK day off. I’ll probably end up shopping or in the studio! Maybe reading? So many fun activities, so little hours in a day!



5 thoughts on “Hungry Bunnies

  1. We’ll have to send hubby the picture of Nicole and her big "bunny wreath"
    made out of vegetables for the bunnies at Christmas!!!! Ahem!

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