First Sewing Class


Last night my friend Jen and I took a sewing class.

I have been winging it at sewing since my mom let me use a mini electric one when I was 10.

Mom always sewed everything. She made our clothes when we were younger, reversible and multi covered hand bags – the ones with the big wooden handles. My sister had a cover to match every skirt my mom had made her.

I was a bad helper, I would wiggle when she attempted to fit the clothes, get stuck on the pins and was generally a brat. So I never really learned what a pattern was, or how to use the machine 100% correctly.  I’d wing it on things and could generally make pillows, a reversible purse/sack with buttons and a strap!  But more complicated thing were a mystery to me. Being type A if things went awry too quickly and I didn’t have a solution I give up and get extremely frustrated. Lucky for me the ex at the time I started sewing in adult hood about 4 years ago grew up in a household where sewing was the norm, so when the bobbin wouldn’t take he could get it done and when the needle would thread he could get it done. Since he was an ex, I knew if I started into this endeavor again I would need to know how to do these things for myself. Sigh. 


First class was last night – 8 of us on 4 tiny tables in an ity bity back room in Joannes.