13 Things to Think About This Year


  1. Continuing with my yoga training – maybe get back into teaching
  2. Ski as much as we can!
  3. Find a balance – work, play, family
  4. Try and get Lazy Bear Pottery off the ground
  5. Landscaping – need some concrete paths put in, and our swamp removed
  6. Get eating under control – I’ve almost ate all the chocolate in the house, so we’ll have a clear slate soon!
  7. Spending time figuring out where I want my career to go
  8. Cooking more
  9. Save more money – spend less (sounds so easy!)
  10. Pass more love notes to my sweetie!
  11. Take a ski lesson!  I always say I will and never do! (Been skiing since 3rd grade, but can always use some teaching!)
  12. Work on staying calmer, maybe yoga will help? 
  13. Find a cause. Something that I can get behind.

One thought on “13 Things to Think About This Year

  1. All sound like good goals. I happen to like the one where you are eating all the chocolate so you can start with a clean slate! That’s hysterical!!
    I have a cause for you to get behind… make them put those 17 story power towers someplace besides my back yard, k? There are environmental, social and medical issues in there…

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