Writting Christmas Cards


I take a special pride in my Christmas cards. I set aside a day or 2 or 3. I take each card as a special time. I put a heartfelt note in tothe people I have decided to send a card to. It could be someone I see everyday or someone I see only once a year. They both deserve time and effort of thecard I am sending to them.  I enjoy the feeling of the pen on paper! I used to be an avid letter writer before the days of email. On occasion, I get in return,  just a card with a signature and inevitably I am bewildered at the lack of verbiage contained within.  I know I am selfish and some people feel the effort to address the card and think to send it to you was enough. I don’t.  Of course if my ribbon cardholder on my wall does not contain enough Christmas/Holiday cards from friends and family I get all depressed as well. So I am in a pickle one would say as to what I would rather have. Few card, but with a note, or more cards and the knowledge that I was in their thoughts…  I guess the latter, knowing that people care, but I’d still like to know what made you think of me, or how your year was, or when we’ll see each other next.


Which camp do you reside in and why?  A note or just a signature?

2 thoughts on “Writting Christmas Cards

  1. I prefer to know that people actually remember me. I’ll take whatever I can get. I understand that to sit and write out notes takes a ton of time. That’s why I started the blog – so I don’t have to write the notes. I include the blog address in the card so that people who want to keep up with me can do it electronically.

    You like the feel of a pen in your hand. I can’t stand it! Hate it, actually. I don’t even like to sign my name on a check… Hate that stupid pen – yuck!

    Give me a keyboard and I’m happy.

  2. I love notes! But, since I don’t send cards anymore…

    I got so few notes back that I wondered why I wrote them in the first place.

    Everyone who sees you comments on your nice note, but I never ever got that many in return – just didn’t seem worth the time — Or the expense… This way, charity benefits – that would be you and the Ladybug. LOL!!

    Love you!

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