Tree Trimming

Not sure I’ll enter the tree contest, but figured i’d put up some christmas joy and show parts of my tree!


This is the tree mid decorating!

Moo Cow Ornament! Too cute – I bought him at full price!

Did I mention that I love elephants?  If i could have a whole tree full of elephants that would be the greatest!

These first 2 are from my dad.  The egg is a long line of eggs. Each year a woman where my mom used to christmas shop made these and personalized them. I have an angel egg, a ruldof egg, a wiseman egg, etc etc etc…  Recently she passed away.. so the eggs have stopped, but i still love them!

The pickle i hide, we decided to get the chili pepper and the hubby hides that one.  And this last ornament is from my child hood!

And of course what is a christmas tree without the elephants on top?


5 thoughts on “Tree Trimming

  1. Okay, you have your stories mixed up.
    Carolyn made the eggs. She retired to Maine- she’s not dead. She made them for the choir at church – it was a fund raiser. She stopped making egg people when they raised the egg price to something prohibitive.

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