Still Snowing In Denver

This was yesterday afternoon

This mornin


Yesterday afternoon



Poor Bubbah can’t get out to pee till i upload this pictures so you can see how deep the snow is!


Chat more once i shovel them a path! My contribution to the household since the hubby has already done our driveway twice and you can’t even tell, except for the mountains to the side!

2 thoughts on “Still Snowing In Denver

  1. LOL!!!! Zebbie would drown in a snow drift!!

    So where is that snowblower you ordered? Mom said it was in a warehouse some place! LOL!! Only you!!

    Once you get the snowblower it won’t snow any more!

    Hope you have a big shovel and a warm cup of cocoa for after the shoveling…

  2. You have my deepest sympathies for your weather plight. We’ve been lucky here in Erie so far this year…the storm that hit Buffalo missed us and there hasn’t been much to speak of since then. We’re looking forward to a nice GREEN Christmas. LOL We have to shovel a path for our pooch. She absolutely despises the snow and cold. But since we got the snowblower last year, we now snowblow a huge figure 8 in the backyard for her. It’s hysterical. Best of luck digging out.

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