Snow stopped, sun is out!

It stopped snowing yesterday around noon. Our neighbor measured in the morning and it was 46 inches overnight.  Pretty cool if you have a snow blower, not so cool if your snow blower arrived and is being held captive by the store that got it.


We had to keep shoveling off the deck for the bubbahs.  Phillip finally gave in – he had held it for 2 days, and went out into the snow and did his business!


We had a friend come over and snow blow out the end of our driveway to the path that had been driven in the street. We have yet to see a plow  come down our street. And the neighbors with snow blowers were pretty stingy. 


One neighbor had attempted to head out in the morning, but got stuck. An all wheel infinity will not get you through 3-4 feet of snow.  We asked where the heck he was going?  His job is running a chain of carwashes, so it better not have been work. He said it was his wife’s birthday and he forgot to get her a cake. I was like dear lord – I’ll make you cake – what kind?


So hubby shoveled and I went back inside to bake the cake. Not my best results…  But it was cute – double decker, with 2 types of chocolate frosting and white piping!


If the sun stays out for a bit today, I might go get my snow tires but on and head to work. Yes, even after the last storm I have yet to but them on. Seemed silly since it wasn’t going to snow again for a while. I just got busy!


I did get some baking and cooking done! 

Dinner last night – broccoli parmesan bake, parmesan corn bread muffins, and chili garlic glazed shrimp. Yummy!


We did our fake Christmas eve last night and did stockings! Gotta drag out present openings as long as you can!  Hubby still hasn’t gotten the hang of how I (my family) does stockings. I even succeeded the normal fill the stocking with toiletries and some candy, and did all little useful stuff for his. But he forgot to wrap everything in tissue paper – apparently his family doesn’t do that…  Sigh…  Monday morning might be a little tough for me.  He was disappointed in the amount of stuff in his stocking. As in I gave him more than he gave me! But I did receive all my favorites – red sweedish fish and 2 (count them 2) life saver story books!  I Love those things! And 2 packages of peanut butter m&m’s!  I also got some cool kitchen gadgets that were super neat!


Tonight we do our Christmas and in the morning head out to the inlaws for the holiday!