Yesterday I was at work and suddenly had a cough. A co-worker im’ed me and said – was that you?  I said, why yes, sexy eh?  He asked if I needed a cough drop! Not a good sign!


So as the day progressed so did my feeling of wellness! I made it through Pilates with just a couple bouts of coughing.


Hit Walgreens for cough drops and cough medicine… and called hubby for my comfort food – mac and cheese with peas.  Mom almost threw up the one time she had to make it for me when I was sick over Christmas. Lucky for her this comfort foodcame into being long after I lived under her roof!  I ate 2 heaping bowls worth, finished up my Christmas cards – stamps and from addresses, I had written most of them in vegas! 

What is your comfort food when you are sick?


I woke up this morning with a lovely sexy been smoking all my life voice! Woohoo!

Hubby has a tough enough time hearing me full strength so it was a joy to try and communicate with him.


He was actually scheduled to be on site today, so I have the whole house to myself! Yeah!!!


Not that I don’t like being pampered, but kinda nice ot have the house. He always has the house. It’s my turn!


So I called in sick. Figured it was the day to do it. Since the voice explained a lot!


As I was waving hubby off to work, phillip was able to run free of his cone. He gets out of it to eat.  I turned the corner and he was licking faster than I have ever seen anything move. He was trying to get at least one lick on everything before the dreaded cone went back on. It was hysterical, lick left paw, lick right paw, get the pee pee, get the elbow, scratch the ear, repeat! I was laughing quite a bit, and then I threatened the cone if he didn’t stop it, cause I wasn’t about to have him naw on something when it was my watch!


So I’m going to take it easy. Anyone wanna nap with me?

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