People are mean

Recently Lazy Bear has been getting hit by sniper bots.  They go through the entire set of pottery for sale and add it to different carts.  Since everything is original and different we take an item off of the sale rack for 24 hours is someone puts it in their cart. So the bots basically leaves me with no stock for a day at a time if I don’t check the site or the database.  Now I know people generally do spiders etc and do mean things, but …  what do they get for their trouble?  They didn’t even send a randsom note – send up a paypal amount of X and we’ll leave your piddly little site alone!  Nothing just 10 minute snippets where every item for sale gets put into a cart.  Sigh.  It was kind of a nice feeling to see only 2 items available…  but knowing it wasn’t real… that was a downer.  So mean people suck!


It’s just really unfortunate. We don’t even know if we get real traffic and if it is worth updating the cart to be more security conscious.