Not my day

We spent this weekend in Vegas. Yes, again.  My friend Bill was in an accident in October 1996.  He is a paraplegic because of it and decided that since it had been 10 years and he was still alive, it was time to party!  So a couple of us from college days met up in Vegas to hang out with Bill!


It was really a fun time! We drank and ate. Had wheelchair races. Saw KA. It was a really great time! It made me very happy to see Bill with a smile on his face!  Yeah!


Sunday afternoon we left Bill and Ben at the poker tables and headed to the airport!  (Can I just tell you how squimish I get watching all that money just go away when they lose a hand?….  Icky!)  We arrive in plenty of time – apparently both hubby and I are dyslexic and read 5:50 as 5:05…  sigh.  We stand is an enormous line to get through security!  As I start to go through the metal detector they send me in for a pat down…  Me?  Must have been the micky mouse sweat shirt!  She explains what she is going to do.  Very humorous!  Then proceeds to lightly touch me…  Sigh…  I’m feeling safe now.  The part I hate about the pat down is the fact that they remove you from your belongings.  Had my hubby not been with me and grabbing all my stuff. My purse with all my money, id etc would have been unattended at the end of the belt…  It really irks me, not only for me but everyone they do it with.  Have I mentioned how much I hate TSA?


After that we go and sit forever for the plane.  All the yahoos were rooting for their home football team and the slot machines were ringing, ringing, ringing…. ARG!  Did I also mentioned that this weekend was the 2006 Wrangler Rodeo Finals in Vegas?  More cowboy hats that you can shake a stick at!  More men in heels (cowboy boots have heels) than at a short man conference!


We arrive back in Denver only to have my luggage – the luggage that was there 3.5 hours early – not arrive with the plane.  They offer that I can wait for the next plain that is schedule to arrive in 10 minutes.  I pause, look at her and then confirm, it lands and then we still have to wait for the luggage, correct?  Well yes she says.  (Southwest is in Terminal C – not very close to baggage claim) She offers up a $100 voucher if we wait.  I’m thinking , hello, I’m not flying your stupid little airline again if I can help it, so a voucher is not going to do me any good, and we have a doggie at home that needs to get out an pee!  So I politely decline and say they can deliver it!


It gets delivered and everything appears to be in one piece.  Whew!


All in all it was a great trip!