Its my birthday

Oh my goodness! Another year is here.

I don’t exactly feel old. And I don’t exactly feel young.

I feel – in flux.  I keep waiting for a lot of things in my life to calm down.  And they don’t seem to be cooperating.  I remember having more time in the evening before bedtime. I remember having more time period.  Maybe that will be my resolution – find all that time that I seem to have squandered about.

This is the last year I will reside in the early 30ies.  I have many friends that have long passed this little speed bump in life, but it’s still important to me. Maybe it wouldn’t be had I married a man that had lept into the 30’s before we got married…  But hey, younger men…  well you can fill in the blank there!

I’ve discovered my ability to apologize this year. It is still a little difficult for me, but I’m getting better at it. Only takes an hour or so for me to realize I really was wrong!  Big step for me! 

I’ve discovered what I really want in my friendships. What I find important in the people that I love.  I have been fairly disappointed in some of the “friends” I thought I had and pleasantly surprised in some of the new friends I have found.  I’ve rediscovered some old friend I thought I had lost! I’m still working on protecting myself from people I think might be friends. I’m learning that it is my exepectations that are failing, not their behavior – most of the time.

It’s been quite a journey this year!  Hopefully next year will bring just as much joy as this year!

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