How many days till Christmas

I finally started to feel better by the end of the week. Still no voice, so I sound all sexy still, but I do rather enjoy being able to speak in crowds and when it’s loud!


Saturday was Pilates – first time working out in a week…  Hubby who is a big supporter of assisted napping and sleeping didn’t hit the gym either when I was sick. So he dropped me at pilates and went to work out too! Yeah hubby!


Saturday afternoon I attended a Silpada jewelry hostess sale!  I got some great stuff for me!  Yeah me!


The rest of the day was spend in the studio till bout 2am…  Just got carried away glazing…  Who would think with only 6 or 8 glazes it would still take me hours to decide what color to make what?


Set off the kiln and went to bed!


Sunday was spend doing bills and packing the Christmas box for the family back east, then off the see the Zoo Lights!


They decorate the zoo with lights and charge you $7 to come in and see the sleeping animals and lights!  It was cool the see the elephants and hippos and giraffes up close though!  Since they were all in their respective houses they were closer to you than you normally see them out and about!  We also got the see the bat cage in action!  Behind class, so that was ok!


Had a great time, a little more chilly that I thought it would be. Should have worn heavier socks!  Maybe a hat!

2 thoughts on “How many days till Christmas

  1. Sounds like you are on the mend. Glad to hear it. Don’t do too much – rest…
    Zoo sounds fun. Heck – I have my own zoo.. Maybe I should decorate everyone’s cages and charge $$ to have pix taken… think I could fund two college educations that way??

  2. We used to have Zoolumination at our zoo around the holidays…but due to lack of funds, our zoo now actually closes to the public for three months in the winter, so the only night event we get to do at the zoo is called Zoo Boo and runs the month of October.

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