Christmas Travel Successful

Made it to Portland!  Woohoo!

We had a 8:25 am flight. We checked in on line so we would only have to do bag drop off. We set the alarm for 4am. Damn didn’t that thing go off early!


We left for the airport at 4:47 am! Still our road had not been plowed, but that was ok cause then we didn’t have to shovel ourselves out. 


We arrived at the airport at the 3 hour mark. We hopped that would be sufficient.


We found our bag drop off line and got in it. It was still pretty long for a pretty basic function.Too long I thought!  We saw people still  hanging out on cots with fancy airline blankets. They looked pretty uncomfortable.


We got through the check in process with only 1 looser fat family cutting the line! Boy were they lucky our reflexes were too slow so early in the morning to beat them senseless.


Then it was on to the next part of our adventure.  We headed to security. We are herded through the throngs of people in line for the regular check in process. Then we look for our line.  We notice that it goes beyond the regular line ride process.  So we start walking and looking for the end of the line. And we walk. And we round through baggage claim. And we keep on walking. And we start to wonder if it will ever end and if we will make out flight. Finally, more than ½ way around the entire checkin building, we find the end. We waddle through to security and TSA is actually competent today. Go figure. Fastest we have been through security!


We arrive at our gate with 20 minutes to spare! Goodness gracious!


We get on the plane and they decide that they need the plane at 100% capacity so we have to wait. Where the heck was that crap when we were 2 minutes late for your flight, or even the time they decided to pull back 10 minutes early. Hrmph!


But we did get a full fight, and headed into the wild blue yonder. There was a heck of a lot of turbulence and it was more than I have experienced since I was very young!


But we have arrived! Baggage in tact – whodda thunk?