Chocolate Baby Jesuses

A dear friend once told me a story about his nativity scene he has in his house. His mom is quite a devout catholic and when she comes over she undoubutly notices that baby jesus is already in his hay bale. She looks down her nose and states – I see baby jesus is already out. 


When he first told me this story it totally cracked me up.  We contemplated how to hide him so she wouldn’t see or how to make it more obvious so she would go ballistic. Funny how little things can set some people off!  (I have a couple little things too, but i’m not sharing!)


But, today, I found the answer!


Chocolate Nativity Set Mold!

The joy from this little ditty could be endless for him or anyone else for that matter!

He could havebaby jesus out, but when mom pops by, he could either eat it before she sees,or eat it when she does see!


“I see baby jesus is out early again”

Gulp – “Not any more!


Another thought from hubby and his friend tom is to just make a bunch of chocolate baby jesuses and put them in a jar and bring them towork.  Off them up to co-workers.  Ohh, how nice, what are they?  Baby Jesuses! Enjoy!


And yet another thought from hubby was to fill it with cherry cordials if they are hollow! Really freak out the masses!


The fun one could have with this chocolate mold set!

 I’m going to be giggling for days over this little find!


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