Birthday Dinner

Hubby and I celebrated my birthday last night!  We ate dinner at Sushi Sasa. Very yummy! 

We had the Diablo Roll (not all the very one raved about), toro, tuna, eel,  cattapillar roll, (did I mention we really like to eat?), Fish Fry roll, shrimp tempura roll, and another funky sea eel roll.  We would probably pass on the Diablo roll and the last one we had if we went again, but it was really yummy!


We had the place to ourselves for our 5:30 reservation!  We filled ourselves silly on sushi and ended with a yummy chocolate moose cake! 


Then we headed off the Northfield Stapleton for a light show featuring TSO (Trans Siberian orchestra)  It was cute outdoor mall, but it was a might cold – 32 degrees last night!  Good thing I had 2 outfits with me! 1 for dinner where I could look fabulous and 1 for being out in the cold!


Hubby wasn’t so lucky!  He only had a pretty thin jacket!


The light show was cute. Nothing we have to go see again.


Then we headed home and had some hot cocoa with candy canes in them, with a shot of bailys and a marshmallow! 


It was a great night!


Monday is the real day!  I might stop by Cheesecake Factory and pick me up some desert!  :)