Where the heck have I been

Sorry I’m getting sloppy in keeping up the blog!


I usually start a sentence in the morning and by the time I get back to it, it doesn’t sound interesting any more!


Day – very relaxzing!  I spread out my card making things Wednesday night and starding creating…  that continued most of the day on Thursday!  We took a break for hummus and animal crackers with pink dip.  We were supposed to go to a friend’s house for desert.  I have discovered that the general populous wants everyone else to suffer.  We were asked about 6 times to join other families/groups for the festivities. Now don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the offer.  But this is generally how the conversation goes:

Them:  What are you guys doing for thanksgiving

Me: Finding a sushi place!  (our tradition)

Them: Oh…  why don’t you come to our house/dinner/whatnot

Me: No thanks, this is what we do.

Them: But really, you should come over

Me: No thank you, I appreciate the offer

Them: You don’t want to have turkey?

Me: No. We don’t like turkey. I don’t like pumpkin pie. This holiday is really not for me.


Next year my response is we are going out of town!


So anyway – the above conversation went down with a friend that is dating another friend.  (totally uncomfortable situation since we all work together and they were keeping it quiet, and I only figured it out cause they were at my house a couple weeks ago and I could feel the sparks off of them from 10 feet away!).

So part of her family will be there as will his that were flying in.  (interesting to say the least)

I decline again. She says, well come for desert, we’ll order you an apple pie.

Me – fine!  I was beaten down and I like pie.


day – finally it is 6:30 and I send hubby to change and me to change for our desert date. I was whining about having to get dressed and head over there (all 4 miles). Hubby says – let’s bail…  Me – no, we agreed to go.


I call as we are about to head over.  Male friend answers.  

Me – hi, we’re about to come over, how are things? 

He – oh…  change of plans.

Me – really? What’s up?  (my blood starting to boil…)

He – well my grandma go tired, so we have already left and are heading home, oh and I think the other family that was there is starting to leave too.

Me – ok then. (thinking , good lord, have you ever seen a phone or used common courtesy?  Just one call?)

He – well maybe I’ll go back after I drop off my grandma.

Me – nah, don’t worry about we’ll be find at home, thanks.


ARG!!!!!  I mean really!  They both asked me at least 5 times if I was still going to make it over the day before…  What the hell…  People suck!


I would think perhaps it was an isolated incident, but he pulls this stuff all the time.

Agrees to come to a party – then doesn’t show and his excuse was he was cleaning.

Agrees to come to another party, and then I get a voicemail about how he got lost and then got mad, so now he isn’t coming.




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