Traveling Fools

Next year we have quite the adventure planned!


10 days in the Galapagos Islands! Woohoo!


Where you say?


It’s been a place on the short list of places to go when we feel like visiting more than just the !  I was out to lunch with some friends – the same ones that were in vegas with us.  The hubby mentioned the wife getting the info together on their next trip.  He says it is either the Galapagos or . I mention that if they choose Galapagos and want company we would definitely be in!


Long story short – End of April we are heading down to the Galapagos Islands! 10 day cruise through all the little parts of it, with daily excursions onto the islands to see the turtles! 


We went with the all inclusive.  Ended up a better deal!


I’m a little freaked about the price tag and the fact that the final payment is due at the end of January…  but it should be a really really good time! And I think it’s the farthest south on this side of the world that I have been! Next plan will be Easter Island!

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