Ring Travels

It is that time again when my wedding ring travels to CA to get checked and keep the warranty up to date.  (Had I had any idea we would be leaving state…  I think I might have had the hubby pick a different ring store!)


I begrudgingly put it back in the box it came in, tie the ribbon, put it in multiple packaging and hand it over to the agent at the desk…  sigh…


I hate to have it off my finger, so last time I was to have to send it off I got a couple of replacement rings off over stick! So I have a lovely CZ encrusted item to sparkle on my hand when the real ring is on it’s travels….


Last time it went east instead of west so my high priced travel took longer and freaked me out.  Today I checked on it and it has made it to the correct coast and is currently on route to the store.  Yeah!


Cross your fingers it makes it’s return trip as un-eventful!