Code of conduct

Last night was Halloween.  We decided to not participate. I scheduled a massage.  I got home around 6ish, ready for my hubby’s gringo chili  (package we got at a craft fair, lots more work than it looked, but he did a great job, and thanks mom-c for telling him how corn starch works!).  We turned off the front porch light, the light in the window, the light in the living room.  And still the annoying little candy grubbers came and knocked on the door.  We were amazed. Code of Halloween – light out = no candy!


So we allowed Terrance to jump up on the door and bark the living bageezes out of hisself and scare them back off the porch.


We eventually had to turn off the kitchen light and hide in the basement!  Lordie!


The massage was lovely. Apparently I have been a little harsh on my body, I need to get massages more and stretch more…  On my to-do list now!