Something weird

I just realized something weird about me and my sister.

My sister and I each got married about 10 days before the other’s birthday.

It certainly wasn’t payback on my side…  Though I was pretty annoyed that in highschool when  my sister got married everyone forgot about my birthday!  I’m pretty particular about people remebering my day!

5 thoughts on “Something weird

  1. Hmm! I don’t remember that I didn’t remember!
    I was sure you got underwear and socks
    every year for your brthday! :-)

    Love you,

  2. Mom is too funny!!!
    You always got underwear and sox for your birthday… hahahaha….
    I’m sure you had a cake… I know I ate some that year and it wasn’t wedding cake….

  3. From N, since we can’t seem to get it to accept posts from her :(

    The one upside was that I did get to drive my sister’s mustang to school for a week when she was on her honey moon! And i didn’t mean the family forgot I meant everyone else, like gram etc. All the focus was on you! Hrmph! :)

  4. Thanks to Hubby, that clears it up nicely!
    I was sooooo confused since I thought we always made a big to-do over your B’day because it was so close to Christmas, and I didn’t want you to feel cheated:-)
    Threatened torture to anyone who tried to use Christnas wrap on your gifts! And didn’t even put up holiday decorations until after your special day!
    Love you,

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