Someone Scary

Recently I’ve started reading my magazine that have been piling up by the side of my bed when I am the gym.

Today I was reading a 5280 – from August (not too bad) and came across an article, part 2 or 2 about James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family.  (I have to go find part 1 and see how it started, since the ending was such a train wreck)

I was horrified at the amount of power this man has managed to obtain. This man who is teaching religious beliefs and demanding that the rest of the country fall behind him is unbelievable. He even went so far as to associate gays with atrocities in Europe.  I was so appalled. I just kept running faster and faster on the pre-core as I read the story. 

His ability to get things through congress as well as to brow beat representatives is amazing and something to actually admire (from a purely technical stand point). Makes me want to do the same thing but to the opposite! I was even tempted to sign up for his mailing list to get his latest harassment document and then do the opposite. If he is getting people to call and write to pass a certain bill, then I’ll get people to call and write to make sure it does not pass.

I’m usually not the political one. I generally leave that for the hubby, but this was just too much for me!

I was happy to see that they could lose quite a bit of their empire if it is deemed that they are using a non-profit for political gain!


We usually pass the sign for his compound on our way to Colorado Springs and chuckle about what is was about. Now I think I might think twice about what exactly is occuring just off the highway about an hour and half from Denver!

Take a gander, let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Someone Scary

  1. Maybe you should get his book and subscribe to his newsletter so that you can decide for yourself.
    Why would one article sway you when you know nothing about this person? So much for innocent until proven guilty…

  2. Hmmmm…not quite my take on him!
    Interesting, but give his newsletter/book a chance
    and you may be surprised.
    Love you,

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