Simply Annoyed

So currently I am on one of my planning binges. That means I get into my address book and start making plans with a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while.  So last week I had lunch every day.  With most being from outside the office. 

This week I have 4 days booked.

Today I had lunch planned with a woman that I have been very interested in getting to know. She’s fun, bubbly, runs her own business and I wanted to learn more!

I put it in my work calendar as lunch. With her name next to it. I put the time slot as busy.

Then I receive a meeting request for smack dab in the middle of it.
I reply with a request to modify the time to later in the day.
I get an update to the meeting, same time, different room.
I decline.
I email my boss stating I already had an appointment and would not be able to attend, but to keep me updated on the outcome.
The organizer pops by and says that I am no longer needed for the meeting since the outcome will not involve me, and that next time I have an appointment I should not label it as lunch.
I politely laughed.

But inside I was writhing!  (Here i was thinking that PMS week was supposed to be last week)
I mean really who cares what it is. I have blocked out time in my calendar specifically to not be booked. If it said pick my nose, that would be my very own business!  Perhaps I should simply put down Interview and see how they like that!

So, I went off to lunch, had a fabulous time, learned a ton about my new acquaintance, and when I returned, guess what?  The meeting had to be re-scheduled  cause the main person that had wanted the meeting failed to show up!

Gotta love it!

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