Lazy Bear Premiers

Friday night was Lazy Bear Pottery’s first night out in Colorado!

It was a Girl’s night out at a woman’s house I met at the chamber. She had 10-12 vendors spread all over her house selling all sorts of different things. It was a gorgeous house! Oh my goodness!  I was in the pool room. I got the front half of the pool table. Cookie’s Jewelry got the back half. An Arbonne Representative got the bar area, and clothing line called Weekend got the back half.  That was just the room I was in. There was a wine tasting, creative memories, sweet indulgence seller, and a woman selling bracelets made from old antique broaches. In the kitchen was the Pampered chef  and the host’s table selling juice plus and some cards. In the dinning room was a woman selling pashmina scarves, a custom window hanging person and apparently a party light vendor (I missed her).  So there was a bit of stuff around the house!

I invited a couple girl friends for moral support!  I had my friend Holly from work come and help me make it look fabulous!  She did a great job!  Great ideas she had!

All in all I made around $85.  I gave 1 of 2 bowls the host decided to buy to here for free as a gift being the host of the event. 3 of my friends bought stuff and 2 strangers! So that good!  I did make a contact with a woman hosting a craft fair in the next town over next month.  So I might have another event to be at!  Guess it’s a way to start getting one’s name out there.  Hubby wants me to do one of the bigger events next summer. I’ll have to see how much more throwing I get done! 

It was a nice evening, I met some really interesting ladies, I bought 2 scarves – someone might be getting one for Christmas – and I felt better about being able to hock my wares!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Bear Premiers

  1. Super! Sounds like fun!
    I think you did quite well!!
    Now that the first Colorado venture
    went so well, you’ll be ready for more!!

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