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Holiday and Birthday Card Organizers!


My latest update to my packs of homemade cards that I sell or give away each Christmas!

This year hubby and I found some index card boxes that are made out of plastic and snap closed.  So I created Tabs that fit in. Each tab is a month. The front is decorated with the holidays and events of that month, the back is lines. I put down the date of each holiday on the left, the right side is reserved for the users important dates. Between each tab they will put the cards for each holiday. I figure I’ll sell the whole set for $30 – including 10 cards (with envelopes) and a lazybear pottery pen!  Then each subsequent year card re-fills are $20 – with a cute little holder for transport, month inserts, $10.  Or some combination of dollar amounts!  I’m also considering including a CD or email with the avery setup for addresses if the user wants to pre-print addresses on stickers for their envelopes!  I have too many ideas and not enough time!


So far I have 6 sets of inserts made through March – having trouble with what to put on the front of that month…  I have 4 leaf clovers. Gonna try and find an image of leprechaun or maybe a rainbow…  Pot of gold? 


This weekend I finally found a stamp with lines. Wavy lines, but at least now they have lines on the back!


Anyone need packs of cards for Christmas?  You can get them with the plastic case, or a fancy 4 part enclosure!