Polenta Goodness

Hubby puts up with me doing weird things to save calories!  Polenta in a tube has become a staple in the pantry as a nice substitute for a carb with a meal.

Last night we were doing a couple different types of chicken – jerk and our spicy marinade (from the flank)

We needed something as a side and something to combat all the bad stuff we ate over the weekend.
We were grilling, so we needed something that could go on the grill…

I took a look at the polenta and had a fabulous idea! Cut it length wise and grill is!
As I was decided the best way to cut a tube and make it work on the grill, hubby said – why not use the apple corer?  I said, hey why not!

So basically we ended up with zucchini looking wedges, we sprayed with garlic flavored non-stick spray, and put them on the grill! Yummies!  We couldn’t decide who should get the center tube, so we split it!

(Emma – thought you would appreciate this tidbit!)

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