My colors

Since you all just can’t help but know what colors accentuate my skin, eye and hair combo – here it is!

Red – cherry red- you know the shirt that I always wear in my important photos – that’s a good color!
Pink, Raspberry, Fushia, Navy, Slate Gray, Purple, Eggplant, Denim, Semi-Vibrant Yellow

No white white or black.

My consultant wants to see me in a full red suit. Sounds interesting!  But her basics for me are a slate suit with jacket, pants and skirt, same thing in navy and maybe plum!  I gotta save up!

Here was a good analogy – picture a tall, bond, pale super model in a slinky black dress walking into a room….
Got it?

Now, what did you see first?  Believe it or not – it was her dress, not her. You don’t want your clothes to enter the room before you!

Now picture a tall, dark haired, asian woman, in that same black slinky dress walking into a room….
Got in?

Now, what did you see first?  It was the whole package.

I actaully did get the image of the dress first on the blond in my head…  We were out at happy hour last night and a woman in black with pale hair was across the room, we looked and all agreed, the black jumped out as us first!

Something to put in your pocket!

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