Kitchen Antics

Have you all seen the auto paper towel dispensers? You know the ones that you run you hand in front of the red light and it spits out a length of paper towel?

We have those all over here at work. In the rest room, in the kitchen…
Also in the kitchen are regular rolls of paper towels.
Today, said roll was right next to the auto dispenser.

As I am filling my tea cup I hear it going off. I look over. I woman is standing in front of it, getting paper towel after paper towel. Kinda like rain man. She is just running her hand in front of the red light to get another paper towel and then another, and then another…  She is standing right next to the roll of paper towels…..  She could have grabbed the 10 or so she needed in a manner of seconds, but no….

I was just flabbergasted…  Really…  It’s not like the paper towels in the dispenser are better….

Sigh! People are really amazing sometimes!

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