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So when I joined the chamber of commerce I went to a women’s network event and while there a woman stood up and said that her business was image consulting, closet over haul and making you look the best that you could be. I was intrigued and fascinated and in dire need of this woman’s help.


That day everyone was circling around her, so I figured I’d meet up with her at a different event. As luck would have it she was another smaller event that focused on margaritas (my kind of event!). So I could to spend some time chatting with her and get her business card.


We met for lunch, she explained her business and I was hooked! (As my other friend calls her – it’s what not to wear, but she’s nice!)


So Friday afternoon I set aside 3 hours to spend with this fabulous woman.

She took one look at my flannel shirt and cringed! I apologized and said I had just thrown it on to go lunch, again, another cringe.  We went over my likes and dislikes, what was working for me and what was not. Or what I thought…  Then she started throwing words at me like jacquard, hounds tooth, etc.  My eyes glazed and she started to use smaller words! 


She suggested other options besides a big ugly flannel. Perhaps a cute little fitted jacket to thin me and help put me together.  Good idea!  And she really liked the idea of a red leather jacket. Said I would pop. I recalled a time in my life when I really really really wanted a red jacket from Eddie Bauer, but mom wouldn’t get it…  ;)


Then the fun part – my colors!  Apparently I am a cool. So a little black dress is not something I should ever wear!  She gave me a little set of swatches that were colors that worked for me. So I can bring them shopping and find things that bring out my natural glow!  Of course I was an un-believer, I didn’t get how colors really worked. So she held up a set of warm colors in front of me, and I faced a mirror. I looked and it was sorta blah. Then she held up my colors, and wow, did my face just pop. The whole thing just looked so much better! Wow! So I have now been converted! 


Next we went to my closet. Uh oh…  She was very nice, but basically I am down to about 2 shirts that flatter me. She used the phrase – what was the thought process when you bought this? – which of course most of my thought process revolves around – oooh, it’s on sale!  That didn’t really fly!  Next she asked why everything was the same and boring. She said – you are such a fun and interesting person, what is up with these clothes.  I of course had no response.  Then she asked – when was the last time you were fitted for a bra.  My response – um… never?  Her response – go get it done!  Sigh.  Great, some stranger man-handling my bubbies.


So final tally – I need to save over 1000 dollars to get my self set up right! And look fabulous! And with her hourly fee- cause I am sure as hell not going shopping without her…  I’ll be saving for a while!  It was really interesting and much of what she said made a lot of sense!  I actually was in target and managed not to stop at the clearance rack! Yeah me!  I’d suggest for everyone to at the very least get your colors done and take a look in the mirror with a swatch of each of the colors that do go with you.  It’s fascinating!



2 thoughts on “Image Consultation

  1. I had my colors done…lucky me…my colors are colors I like and had already! LadyBug and I were pretty much the same color family.
    It was fun and made me think of buying less black, although black is one of my colors…good thing, or half my closet will disappear!
    Tell us your colors!
    Love you,

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