Friday Feast 105

What are some lyrics you have misheard (such as, instead of "Gettin’ Jiggy With It" you heard "Kick a chicken with it")?

Too many to count…  hubby?

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

Mean Girls – I shut if off 10 minutes in.

Using the letters from your favorite number, write a sentence. Example: Tomorrow has really easy experiences.

Fourty Two

Feeling overly and utterly ready to yodel the weekend out

Main Course
What was the most interesting news story you have heard this week?

In Britain they got McDolands to change the shape of their McFlurry Cups to save the hedge hogs.  Apparently they would stick their head into the cups (litter) and get suck and die.  What a complete waste of time and energy – perhaps spend time getting people to pick up their trash?

And today I heard that people with kids are less happy than those without! (I tried to find it on – I think it was on Good Morning America, but I couldn’t find it)

Which word(s) would you choose to describe your wardrobe?

Bad?  Cute