Trip to the Mountains

This morning we headed north!
Picked up our friend John and headed for a hike.

A hike….
that wasn’t too long – since it was friend John’s first time hiking at altitude,
not too far away from people – since I just heard on NPR that the bears were getting ready to hibernate so were more active than ever.
not too long in 1 direction – since there was a 40% chance of rain or higher….
just long enough – so that we would be there to eat lunch at the top or some good vantage point.

Can a girl get more requirements for a simple outing?

I chose – Rabbit Mountain – 4 mile loop – located North of Boulder, but not in the rockies, and only a 400 foot elevation gain, but good views…

We did the loop, great views, no rain, no sweat to really be found, good footing, no crazy bears, but we did see 3 deer!
Not too many people, but enough to know we wouldn’t be eaten by moutain lions!

We were able to amble about this 4 (3.55) mile loop and cause I am who I am, I suggest the small 1 mile hike to an overlook!
Fabulous place for lunch!

The boys agree and off we go!
We start to head up this (finally) steep incline!
The sun is still shining!

We can see some dark clouds ahead, but we keep on truckin, can’t not see the end, right?

We finally get to the end of this 1 mile jaunt! Yeah!
We eat our lunches and enjoy the view and then….  drip, drop….
We quick put on our rain gear! Me in my jacket that packs up into no bigger than a drinking glass, friend John in his fancy transh bag from Starbucks, and hubby…  well he didn’t feel like carrying his rain gear!

We start to head back, and figure it’s just a mile, right… how far can that be?

By the time we got down I was covered in mud, my boots were caked, and my shorts were drenched.
Hubby – soaked, pelted by hail near the end
Friend John – pretty well wet!

But the overall experience was a good time had by all!

Enjoyed the scenery and our first trek into the counties north of us!

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