Power tools

This weekend hubby and I filled the wedging table with plaster.
It required the use of a power drill – on that comes with a cord, not a battery.
Our first attempt went terribly awry.  We had attempted to do it in the back yard since that was where the water was. At the time the basement was not finished.
We thought – put in some plaster, add the water, mix, repeat….
It says it will harden in 20-30 minutes…  if you mix it all at once it does, but these little batches we were doing were not up to snuff.
So to say the least, by the time we got it down into the basement to attempt to pour it into the mold it was already hard…
I threw it all away – bucket, hardened plaster and all!

So, flash forward to this weekend! We had a drill from a co-worker. The only co-worker that came through.
My other 2 co-workers promised delivery of said powerful drill and nothing arrived.
I asked the 3rd co-worker and it was in the office the next day. What a guy!
So, we did one batch and only half filled the mold. I started to get worried, was this going to be another episode like the last?
So we make a bigger batch for the second half and yeah! It filled it, I was able to smooth the top, shake it a little to remove the bubbles and whala, I have a wedging table. It still appears to be curing, so I’ll give it a week or 2. Since I’m not supposed to be using my hand much anyway, guess it all works out!

Once we were done use the electric drill for the plaster I decided to use it to mix glaze. And now…  I’m in love!  I can’t get enough of this thing!
I’m going to Home Depot today with my My Points $50 Home Depot Card and going to buy me an electric drill! yeah!

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3 thoughts on “Power tools

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  2. From Nicole, who can’t seem to comment from work.

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