Meeting People

Apparently I got some sort of bug up my butt and I am now joining all kinds of groups.

I had the hubby and I join the local chamber of commerce. Figured it was a good way to meet smart, professional people and get our company some publicity!

It is a young chamber and there are a number of young people in the group.

I also joined the Women’s Networking section of the chamber. It was a thrill to be in a room full of independent women, knowing where they want to get to, able to get things done. The vibe in the room was amazing. I sort of felt like I went to a different place for my lunch hour. I simply spent time chatting with these women, learning about different businesses and explaining mine. I’m really looking forward to the next one and anticipate joining the leadership to help things along! 

There is also a group that meets 3 Tuesday mornings in a month. It starts out with giving a 30 second commercial about your company. I figure it will be good for us to get our spiel down in a group that is not evil!  (When we get it to a point where we like it, I’m sure we’ll put it up for all our friends to critique).  The purpose of that group is to get and give leads to the other members through your own connections. I like the idea. On top of all the groups there are to join in the chamber they also have luncheons and happy hours! So it looks like we will have an expanded social life simply from this group. I’m looking forward to it!


Of course, I can’t be busy enough, so we are also in a group that goes out to eat once a month around Denver!  This week is a Japanese place that looks yummy! This will be our first time meeting up with them, so let’s hope that goes well!


But wait, there is more to keep me busy – last night I joined a local book club!  Very nice group of women. I made my co-worker go with me, so he was a big hit!  (Hubby was a traffic school!). I enjoyed the different opinions and takes on the books.

 I ran right home and ordered the next three that they were reading!


So hubby and I should be meeting more people and getting more business than we can handle very shortly!


It will be nice to have a social group external to the workplace! Don’t get me wrong, I love the people I work with, but I need some people to be with that don’t see me at work every day!


Wish me/us luck in expanding out social and professional circles!




One thought on “Meeting People

  1. Sounds like your horizons are broadening….and that is always a good thing!
    Great to have friends outside of work as well….so it’s not the same stuff over and over each day.
    The networking with different people is also
    an extra bonus:-)
    Love you,

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