Hell-of-a rain storm

I was home early this evening!  I had made some tea before lunch – organic plum ginseng tea.
I found it on one of our earlier adventures!  Tasted yummy!  I tend to let my tea steep – let’s just say – forever!
The bag sits in the cup till I’m done and ready for my next cup. And by cup I mean tankard!

Anyhoo after I gulp down the yummy tea and start on my next (new flavor- I usually have about 5 cups all different flavors!)
I start to notice I’m a little woozy…  dizzy even…  hmmm… 
After a while I figure out the culprit has to be the dang Ginseng tea! Arg! I do a google search and determine one of the side effects is indeed dizzy. Figures! 

So I decided I need to get my butt home before I can’t!

Anyhoo – as I am wallowing in my missed evening at the gym (another story about why I had to sit home this morning and wait for online training that never came!) – finishing off my box of wheat-thins (reduced fat) – and seriously those boxes really should be single serving…
A storm rolls in from the mountains!

Lightening all over, front of the house, back of the house… Seemed almost like 2 different storms!  Thunder sounded like it was in a tube!  Terrance was so scared he peed in the bedroom!  We watched it from all over. Water was flowing down the street so fast I thought we might lose the Audi!  Most of the street was under water!  The rain was coming sideways and pelting the windows!  We could hear it on the roof! It just kept storming! Thunder upon thunder! It was really really cool!

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