Getting old sucks

So Tuesday I was at the eye dr, and yesterday I went to see my dr regarding a pain I was having in my hand.
It had started last week, subsided by the end of the week and then by Monday morning I could not put in a pony tail holder without a severe amount of pain.  Figured I had aggravated it by making cards and playing with rubberstamps with my mother in law. 

I get to the dr and she looks at my fingers, and i show here where it is a tad swollen between the middle finger and the ring finger (a tad, since there isn’t much to swell there!).  She pinches and squeezes it and flips my hand over and then….
She takes my middle finger and pushes it up!
Well I guess I know where it hurts now!
She said – ah – the tendon is aggravated!
I was like – now i am!!!

Final result there – 3 Advil, 3 times a day – with food
(I laughed at that!  I used to take 4 Advil for cramps, no need for food!)
So I’m still hurting from her little stint of attempting to figure out what was hurt!

The 3 Advil that I have already taken 3 times is not working…  I might have to bump up to 4… 
I must have built up that tolerance! 

So as old age kicks in, I’m not looking forward to it!

One thought on “Getting old sucks

  1. Puleeze! Not old age yet!
    5 year olds get tendon pulls etc.
    Takes a while for anti-inflammatory (advil) to do its job,
    besides relieving pain! So should start to kick in next 24-48 hours to reduce swelling which will help pain.
    When your ears ring/dizzy/gastric distress..back off on the advil!!!
    Great little pill but…..they all have their side-effects:-)

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