First Backpacking Trip

Hubby and I went backpacking this weekend at Golden Gate State Park! We had some friends loan us the important stuff – packs, sleeping pads, They also did all the hard meals! We brought bagel sandwiches for lunch the first day!


We did manage to spend a good chunk of cash at REI.  Camp chair holders – make your sleeping pad into a chair , collapsible pillows, water reservoirs, new boots for me, new Tiva style shoes for hubby, Lexan silverware, titanium mugs  etc…

And still we really didn’t even have half of what we would really need!  Sigh!


Hubby was taunting me cause everything we picked up I would complain about the weight and try to find one just an ounce or 2 lighter.  But once we got our packs packed, he appreciated my diligence!  We still had too much weight with our sleeping bags and clothes, but one can only spend so much money on a weekend trip that might not happen again!


We did remove some water from our packs, since it weighs too much! Did you know that 1 liter of water is 2.5 pounds?  So we had 10 pounds of water at the start!  I removed some so I lighted my load by 5! I get freaked out by the idea of filtering water!  J


So we head into the wilderness with all of our stuff and my fancy cup clinking on the back of my pack!


We get to our shelter.  It’s 3 sides and a roof.  Hmmm..  When I go camping I have this lovely idea of being “safe” when I zip up the tent door! I know it’s irrational and bears are not stopped by nylon, but hey it’s my happy little make believe land!

We dropped our packs and rested for a bit. Then we headed out for a hike!


We headed up to Windy Peak! We got to watch the storm head in the whole time!

We ate our bagel sandwiches at the top! Pretty good when you have to work for your food!  Ham and turkey with Honey Baked Ham Store mustard! Yummies!


After our hike we napped in the shelter. I love naps!


We got up and our hosts made us a superb dinner! Wheat pasta with this sauce that included sun dried tomatoes, lemon, rosemary and other goodness, along with some salmon that come sealed and ready to eat. Really good for food over a mini flame!  Then they made some re-hydrated deserts! We ate well!


While the pasta was cooking the boys went for water.  The got to see a dear!  I saw the footprints the next morning!


In the morning hubby and I went for more water, while our hosts made us a fabulous breakfast! Eggs and Hash browns with Thai Coffee!  Super yummy!


After breakfast we repacked our packs. Dang aren’t those thinks lighter with no food and water!! 


We headed out and took a side trip up to City Lights Peak. Great views!


We made it to the car by 11am!  Fabulous time! We now have a big list of things we need to buy for car camping! We’ll get to backpacking later!  Not sure we would be able to do it ourselves!