Domo – Japanese Country Foods

1365 Osage Street
Denver, Colorado 80204

Hubby and I joined the dining out group here last week.
The food options appeared limited. 
For a large group they were understaffed and slow – that was unfortunate!
We have 15 different people that most had never met and they were unwilling to accommodate separate checks. Made things a little hairy! Luckily we brough cash!

Other than that the atmosphere was really neat! We ended up in the back in a traditional Japanese structure. A little hot but neat!  The ground was completely covered in gray rocks – I would not suggest wearing heels here!
But the small cozy tables for normal size dining groups were really interesting!

The food I chose was Teriyaki – I did not enjoy it, but hubby got the Sankai Nabe (salmon, tilapia, muscles and calamari topped with grilled chicken and pork teriyaki, with a flavored soy sauce broth – spicy)- which was really tasty. Reminded us of Pho, but with less veggies.
Every meal also comes with 7 side dishes prepared by the chef (no choices) and those were all interesting and tasty.

I’d suggest going here if you want something different, perhaps try the sushi (we will next time), enjoy the atmosphere and don’t expect to leave quickly!

(They have been voted best in Denver for forever, but I’m not sure I agree – but I am willing to try again!)