Denver and the Broncos

What a bunch of nuts!

When we first moved here last October, the football season was already in swing. We were grocery shopping one Sunday and over the loud speaker they announced the score. I’m not talking the final score, I’m talking the score is currently blah to blah. And hoots and hollers went up from the ailes around us. It was not just the stock boys either!  We just shook our heads, picked up our fat free wheat thins and wandered on our way.

I was in the car on the way to the gym – so somewhere around 6:30am…

They start talking about who is current at the Bronco’s training camp and how they are doing. How they anticipate them ending up the rankings etc etc etc…

I again simply shook my head, changed the channel to NPR for my dose of real information and continued on to the gym.


This place really is football crazy!

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