Burned Bubbies

Sunday we went boating with friends! It was a lot of fun!

We hung out on the water in tubes, noodles, webbed floaties…  It was heaven!


I had on my new bathing suit from my previous adventure!


My bubbies don’t usually see that much sun, so when I was slathering up, I missed the point in between them!  For me this bathing suite was like being completely exposed to my belly button. 


By the time we got home and showered, I have a lovely burn between the bubbies! Right between! You can even see where I had gotten the sun tan lotion. There are a couple finger marks, nice and white! I can’t roll over at night or sleep on my side and I have to be just right to sleep on my tummy! Such drama for such little guys! Ugh!


So today was the day the bubbles burst! Ugh! Luckily is was at the gym in the shower! But now I’m all sensitive and attempting to sit so my shirt doesn’t touch my skin in anyway!  I even put my seatbelt behind me!  I just couldn’t drive with one hand holding it off of me! 


Some one had given me a burn medicine packet from the first aid kit here at work – as a joke – and I thought what they heck, it hurts! Well that stuff was not burn medicine is was burn accelerant! Holy cow, I thought I might cry!


I of course don’t  bother to hit the ladies room when I need to play with my bubbies, so I was attempting to put a dab on them when someone walked into my cube, so I basically got a glob just sitting there. As the conversation continued I feel something very unpleasant inside my shirt!  I answer the questions as quickly as possible – partially out of embarrassment, partially out of pain!  Finally the conversation end and I can get back to my business as hand! I dab off the offending cream and attempt to not touch it any more!

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