Vampires Spotted

The evil ones that live diagonally behind us and harassed us about Terrance were spotted!

I took a picture, but haven’t downloaded it yet!  (Tonight, i promise!)

Hubby and I were in the office and heard a strange noise, I look out, and what do I see by Mr. Vampire!
And dang if he ain’t white!
It was over 90 degrees yesterday, and being the brilliant vampire he dresses all in black and at 6pm decides to do something with a sawzall, bag of fertilizer and a plastic bucket  (makes me kinda nervous actually)
We chuckle at him attempting to read directions and do whatever he is doing!

I head down stairs to feed the dogs and unfortunately get ready to go – we had dinner plans – we soooo wanted to stay home and harass them from our deck!

Suddenly hubby hisses from upstairs, I saw her!!
I was like – really – Mrs. Vampire came out?

Apparently Mr. Vampire required an additional tool and requested it of Mrs. Vampire.
She came to the door -"looking bitchy" (per hubby) – in a little tank top and bad Capri’s.
She opened the slider just enough to stick our her hand with the item, after which she drew quickly back in, closed the door and off into her den she went.

I asked – "Did she sizzle? Was she wearing gloves?"
Hubby – nope, no sizzle
Me – dang…

So they have been spotted, they are white as can be, are not too old, but still people we hate!

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